18-20 August 2017, Project Let’s Zeppelin 2017, Friedrichshafen, DE

Geocaching at the birthplace of the Zeppelin

Since the first rise of a Zeppelin in 1900 the name of the birthplace of the “flying giants” became known across the globe. It inspired countless people to become fans of an era which was continued almost 100 years later.

We invite you to the location where Zeppelins are taking off and landing a few times every day.

Enter the original Zeppelin hangar where the new Zeppelins are maintained.

Watch Zeppelins taking off, landing and in flight.

Join the event which is all about the Zeppelin.

We are having a lot of ideas and are sure to create an attractive programme which you will like.

Note the date – it will be worth it.

We will be happy to meet you.

Your Orga-Team

s’Tinsche, oneirod75 and blubb&blubb