Frequently asked questions

On different channels we again and again are receiving the same questions.

Here on this page we are collecting and answering those frequently asked questions.

The list will regularly be improved and updated.

  • 1.Infrastructure
  • Handicapped person's parking

    We have the handicapped persons in our mind and are working on a solution to offer parking very closely or nearby the entrance.

  • Parking

    Parking places are available nearby. Since we have to rent the parking space from the trade fair we must collect a parking fee from you (price not yet fixed).

    The parking ticket will not be available in the online-shop. The parking fee must be paid cash in advance before driving into the parking space. Please have some small money available with you for that.

  • Mobile home parking

    We are working on an onsite-solution to offer visitors with mobile homes a parking place from Friday to Sunday.

    This will only be a pure parking place without any further infrastructure like power, water, toilets, disposal etc.

    For this we have to pay a fee to the airport which we will transfer into a parking fee (price not yet fixed).


    Mobile home parking place in Friedrichshafen
    Lindauer Straße 2 (opposite the youth hostel)

    A central parking place dedicated to mobile homes is available at Lindauer Straße 2. Ca. 20 parking places are available including all infrastructure.

    Parking up to 3 days is allowed.

    For further information please call: +49 (0)7541 708404.

    Only direct booking is available, not through the orga-team.


    Further parking places are listed on

    Wohnmobilstellplätze im Umkreis von Friedrichshafen


  • 2.Accomodation
  • Accomodation

    If you are looking for an accomodation in and around Friedrichshafen we recommend you to use the online tourism portal of Friedrichshafen.

    Hier wird Euch u.a. eine Online-Abfragemöglichkeit nach freien Hotels, gemütlichen Gasthöfen, Privatzimmern und Ferienwohnungen sowie Bauern- und Obsthöfen in der näheren Umgebung angeboten.

    Online-booking is available where you can look for hotels, holiday appartements and private accomodations.

    Further information is available on campsites and youth hostels.

    Tourism portal Friedrichshafen

    Please consider that the event-weekend is in the middle of the holiday season. Therefor an early booking is recommended.

    If you do not succeed to find something in or nearby Friedrichshafen you might search in areas which are not so close to the lake.

  • 3.Zeppelin
  • Lighter- or heavier-than-air

    Some people say, the Zeppelin NT is a lighter-than-air aircraft. This is not quite correct. The Zeppelin NT takes off with a static weight of approx. 350 kg (772 lbs). Therefore, it is heavier than air.

    A hot-air balloon is a lighter-than-air aircraft. The Zeppelin NT climbs using its three engines, whereas a balloon climbs solely by means of helium or hot air.

    Further Zeppelin-related FAQs


  • Flight Tickets (Price)

    Some people perceive the prices for a Zeppelin as being not reasonable.

    We can only comment that we have absolutely no influence on that. It simply is the sole discretion of the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH / ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co KG.

    We do not participate on the sold tickets nor do we draw a commision!

  • Zeppelin flights

    Zeppelin flights are available during the event weekend.

    Further information including online booking:

    Zeppelin flights available for booking

  • 4.Others
  • Dogs

    Dogs are allowed on the event area but a leash must be used.

    Dog owners are obligued to pick up any droppings immediately.

  • Pre-event-coin

    On the occasion of the event-publish we have released a limited edition (250 pieces) of a pre-event-coin.

    The coin is only available if you meet one of the orga-team-members in person.

    It will not be shipped!

  • Shop

    Our shop is online since February 5th, 2017:

    Happy shopping 😉