Thank you!

Dear geocachers and visitors of our mega-event “Project Let’s Zeppelin 2017”,

our mega-event is now history.

We would like to say goodbye to you here as an orgateam with a very, very thick

Thank you!

It has been exhausting times of preparation and execution.

But your most positive feedback was confirmation and satisfaction for us at the same time.

A few things have also gone wrong, clearly. We would like to apologize to the sufferers.

It was our “first time”, we gave our best and are also only humans.

But now we are normal geocachers again and greet you here for the last time from this place.

See you soon in the forest or an event?

The next opportunity to do so is already tomorrow with our Swiss friends in Frauenfeld

MEGA Switzerland – Meeting Friends 2017


Let's Zeppelin Orgateam Abschlussfoto im Hangar
Let’s Zeppelin Orgateam final foto within the Zeppelin-Hangar


Kind regards

Your Orgateam