Only until 18.06.2017: Let’s Zeppelin Supportercoin


From several parties the orgateam has been asked for the possibility to ship our coins. Unfortunately we by ourselves cannot provide shipment for logistical reasons and the lack of own capacity. Therefor selfpickup at the event date is the normal way to get our coins.

For those who are interested in getting a Let’s Zeppelin-Coin but cannot come to Friedrichshafen we have created something new:

The official Supportercoin with the historical Zeppelin.

Besides of the colouring the design is the same as for the Eventcoin Classic.

But now you can order this (and only this) Eventcoin for shipment by one of our both partner-shops:

Cacher’s World


Alternatively you can order the coin in our shop for selfpickup at the event date (as the other coins).

Here you can order the Supportercoin in our Let’s Zeppelin Online-Shop


Please consider that this offer is valid only until 18.06.2017.


Kind regards to all geocachers

Your orgateam