81-Matrix Part 3

81er Matrix rund um den Bodensee
81er Matrix rund um den Bodensee

Und here comes the third “Z” of our 81-Matrix, going ahead in Austria near Hörbranz.

These are the the third ten Mysteries with 10 different D/T-grades, which have been placed at the eastern end of the Lake of Constance between Bregenz and Lindau.

There is also a bookmark list, of course, where you will find all 10 Mysteries summarized::

Let’s Z 11-20 Hörbranz (A)

The Orgateam would like to thank the cachepats soarboy & evalina for their support.

We hope you enjoy the puzzles, their search and hopefully are able find them ;-).


Best regards

Your Orgateam

Project Let’s Zeppelin 2017