The Geocouch – Are you ready for the cache?

Geotemporales Institut
Geotemporales Institut

You have also logged too many DNFs at T/D1 caches? Or you grabbed the cache right in front of the eyes of a muggel? You are even practicing better-hiding of caches?

All these are alarm signals and symptoms that require urgent treatment!

But do not worry, during the event Project Let’s Zeppelin 2017 there’s remedy and you can get help.

We are pleased to announce that the Institute for Geotemporal Research will exclusively be attending our Mega-Event in 2017.

The special 75 minute program for our event is called The Geocouch – Are you ready for the can? .

Experience the probably most oddest workshop in the history of mega-events together with the highly motivated and extremely critical medical team of the institute!

Take part in the world’s first medical-psychological examination (MPE) for Geocacher.

What awaits you?
You will be asked for a small introduction by Institute Leader Prof.Dr. Mike Splisher left in the investigation area. There, you will have to solve different Geocaches at different stations under medical supervision. They are simple-terrible-complicated caches, so exactly where you think “oh come, still fast ‘nen Tradi” and then you despair. Each cache is individually a task, with a corresponding, of course only exemplary and not logable, listing. In the end, you will be judged and will know whether it is worth to continue to go caching or whether your hobby better depends on the nail …

But do not worry, if you do not pass the final exam, you can keep your and your found counter will not be reset to 0.

All further information and registration with a separate ticket can be found here:

Homepage of the Institute for Geotemporal Research


We are aware of the fact that another entrance next to the project entrance is not ideal. The geotemporal institute is not financially connected to the organization and is therefore dependent on the entrance fee in order to cover the expenses (rental transporters, travel expenses, overnight stays, consumables, etc.).

Who knows the events of the geotemporal institute (eg from the project luck on!), Knows that the money is well invested and corresponding value with fun guarantee is offered.

Thanks for your understanding !