81-matrix around Lake Constance

As we have already announced on 20 February 2017 through our media partner gocacher.de, we will present an 81-matrix around Lake Constance.

Together with the friendly and energetic support of our cachepats on the ground (see below), we are currently working hard to prepare the caches and the listings to release the first of a total of 8 “Z”s with 10 caches each in a few weeks.

81er Matrix rund um den Bodensee
8 x 10 +1 : 81-Matrix around Lake Constance

Probably what interests geocachers the most, are geocaches – independent of a Mega-Event. The Let’s Zeppelin organizers also thought this way, and have already taken up an already known idea: the creation of a complete 81 matrix.

The special feature is, however, that the 81 caches are not all located near the event location, but rather are distributed around Lake Constance. “We wanted an event, which is supported by the entire Bodenseeregion and is not limited to the eventlocation.”, says Orgateamchief Sven. The Zeppelin flies across all parts of the lake across borders. It was therefore obvious to set up an international project and also to involve Austrian and Swiss neighbors.

Due to the size of the area and the distance, however, this would have meant an enormous effort for the Orgateam coming from the Friedrichshafen region. Thus the idea came to look for so-called “cachepats”, which are located on site and take over the cache maintenance.

“There is a huge thank you” from the organizers to soarboy & evalina, nanin, Bru3Ya, Antel & Schatzweiber, Kaishaku_Nin & baobab7, ZFX, Hegaubiker, Iceworm and Team Unschön, who have not only committed their search for the final locations in their respective homezone, but also to take care of the cache maintenance and help with the creation of the Mysteries.

The 81 caches are divided into 8 packages with 10 caches each. The question marks are placed per package on the map in the form of a prominent “Z”. Each “Z” includes all possible D and T-scores, so that all packages in the truest word are equally heavy. As a special challenge, the T5ers are waiting in the water for their finders. The D5 / T5 cache as a coronation will be located at Friedrichshafen.

It is planned to publish the listings of 10 packets from mid-April in one to two-week intervals. So there is enough time until the Mega-Event to solve the puzzles. However, due to the distances it would be difficult to collect all 81 caches at the event weekend. But you could also make the whole thing more relaxed by spending a week’s holiday at Lake Constance. Finally, in the nearby Frauenfeld (Switzerland), the next mega event is just waiting a week later with “Meeting Friends”.