Official Eventcoin Classic Regular

Eventcoin Classic Regular Edition
Eventcoin Classic Regular Edition

It took some time, many proposals, discussions, draft designs and negotiations.

But now we are happy and full of pride to announce the arrival of:

The official “Eventcoin Classic Regular Edition”


The historical Zeppelin is mounted on a circular ground plate and can be moved. After the movement the tracking-code is visible. The Zeppelin is hovering above the Lake of Constance. A red dot is marking the eventlocation.
The back of the ground plate shows historical design drawings out of the patent specification.

  • Edition: unlimited
  • Colouring: antique silver / blue
  • Trackable at (Tracking-Code: LZxxxx)
  • Diameter of circular ground plate: 50 mm
  • Thickness:
    • Ground plate: 3,5 mm
    • Zeppelin: 2 mm

(Idea: Tobi Lorenz, Design: Mietzecacherin)

The coin can be ordered in our onlineshop (opening January 29, 2017).

No upfront shipment. Only selfpickup at the event day.

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