Program Sequence 19/8/2017 (Main-Event)

Dear geoachers,

in no less than three weeks, our mega-event “Project Let’s Zeppelin 2017” begins.

In the following we have compiled the most important information about the schedule and the program:

Frame Schedule

  • 07:15 Opening of the parking spaces
  • 09:00 Entry to the event grounds
  • 10:00 Welcome by Orga, Mayor & Zeppelin GmbH
  • 10:00 Start MPU for Geocacher in the Geotemporale Institute (start of the final test: 4 pm)
  • 10:45 1. Gewinnspiel-Ziehung (Zeppelinflüge, many of the prices of Garmin, Ledlenser and Mr Cache)
  • 12:00 Ceremonial Revelation of the Original Can of Beans (O.C.B.)
  • 14:00 Performance Ingo Oschmann
  • 14:45 2. Gewinnspiel-Ziehung (Zeppelinflüge, many of the prices of Garmin, Ledlenser and Mr Cache)
  • 15:30 81er-Matrix Cachepaten-presentation and thanksgiving of the Orga
  • 16:00 Announcement of the next project 2018 by the Project Committee
  • 17:30 Farewell

Workshops (on the event grounds)

Free-of-charge besides of the “Geocouch”. No Extra-Tickets required. When its full its full..

Guided tours (outside the event site)

Extra-Tickets required for a small fee. Only a very limited number of tickets is still available Online-Shop (

  • Show case house in Zeppelin Village
  • Guided Tour Zeppelin Town
  • Zeppelin Archive & Library
  • All day: Dornier Museum – Discount

All day Event-Highlights

  • Flying Zeppelins
  • Zeppelin flight to win
  • O.C.B. (Original Can of Beans)
  • Ingo Oschmann
  • T5-climbing in the Zeppelinhangar
  • Reviewer stand
  • 81 matrix
  • Birre’s high quality TBs
  • Inflated show
  • Labcaches
  • Children’s amusement
  • Signal the frog
  • Free shuttle for event visitors
  • Shopping mile
  • Professional eventcatering

Detailed information on our homepage.


As you can see, you will be offered a lot. There are lots of good reasons to come to Friedrichshafen to visit the event together with the same people and spend the day, the weekend or even a holiday here.


But please note:

Our Online-Shop closes on Sunday, 13.08.2017, at 23:59 clock!

Only until then, you can still buy tickets in our shop and cover the few, still available places for our tours.

If you have not ordered a ticket before, you still have the day ticket. You would however help us in the sense of a better planning, if you ordered your ticket in advance.



We still receive friendly offers to support us as a helper. We are very happy about this and are grateful to you. We are equally glad, however, that we have already been able to cover all the helper places. Many thanks to all the helpers.

We would be delighted to welcome you soon.

Kind regards

Your Orgateam