Official Eventcoins as Limited Editions (250 pieces each)

Similar to the decision between the two best designs, we found the choice of colors. So we have also made a salomonic choice here and decided to issue a Limited Edition in the color combination antique silver / yellow. Don’t they look great?

Only 250 pieces are available per each edition. When they’re gone they’re gone!

So, pick up quickly as soon as our onlineshop will be opened soon.

Eventcoin Classic Limited Edition
Eventcoin Classic Limited Edition
Eventcoin Modern Limited Edition
Eventcoin Modern Limited Edition


The historical or the modern Zeppelin is mounted on a circular ground plate and can be moved. After the movement the tracking-code is visible. The Zeppelin is hovering above the Lake of Constance. A red dot is marking the eventlocation.

  • Classic Edition: The back of the ground plate shows historical design drawings out of the patent specification.
  • Modern Edition: The back of the ground plate shows a portrait of the Earl of Zeppelin, his birthday and day of death, a cross section drawing as well as the coordinates of the eventlocation.
  • Limited Edition: 250 pieces per each edition
  • Colouring: antique silver / yellow
  • Trackable at (Tracking-Code: LZxxxx)
  • Diameter of circular ground plate: 50 mm
  • Thickness:
    • Ground plate: 3,5 mm
    • Zeppelin: 2 mm

(Idea: Tobi Lorenz, Design: Mietzecacherin)

The coin can be ordered in our onlineshop (opening soon).

No upfront shipment. Only selfpickup at the event day.

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